Funka Academy Kurser inom Tillgänglighet

Welcome to Funka Academy

We have collected our knowledge and topics in digital accessibility for you and your organization here within the walls of Funka Academy. Funka has over 20 years of experience and can now offer blended e-learning so that you have the knowledge at hand when it suits you, at any day or time.

Join thousands of users in learning from over 20 courses, consisting of nearly 300 videos, where you can immerse yourself in accessibility topics including:

  • WCAG and standards
  • Regulations and policies such as the Web Accessibility Directive and the European Accessibility Act
  • How to create accessible documents and PDFs
  • Write plain language and publishing
  • What is needed when developing native apps
  • Understand UX, design and accessibility
  • Best practices for development and programming

*Funka is an IAAP Approved Training Provider.

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Explore trainings

  • Att göra Word- och pdf-dokument tillgängliga

  • Att göra pdf-dokument tillgängliga i Acrobat Pro

  • Att göra InDesign- och pdf-dokument tillgängliga

  • Att göra Powerpoint- och pdf-dokument tillgängliga

  • Att göra Excel- och pdf-dokument tillgängliga

  • Introduktion till att skapa tillgängliga dokument

  • How to create accessible PDF documents in Acrobat Pro

  • Introduction to creating accessible documents

  • Lagstiftning inom digital tillgänglighet

  • EU policy and accessibility requirements

  • EU-policy och tillgänglighetskrav

  • Att kommunicera med klarspråk