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Welcome to Funka Academy

Wonderful that you have found us!

We have packaged our knowledge and courses in digital accessibility for you and your organization, here within the walls of Funka Academy.

So, as all successful accessibility work begins with knowledge, you and your colleagues can now take part in our entire knowledge bank. We have filled it with tips, in-depth information, and material for you who want to learn more about accessibility. Inside Funka Academy, you can easily search for content and information that you want to learn more about or enroll in entire courses that cover subjects such as plain language, development, accessible documents or a general Introduction to accessibility.

Today we have 14 courses, consisting of over 210 videos, where you can immerse yourself in accessibility topics covering,

  • WCAG and standards we need to follow
  • current laws such as the Web Accessibility Directive
  • how to create available documents and PDFs
  • comprehensible content using plain language and publishing
  • what you need to think about to develop available apps
  • color, shape and the ability to understand with UX and design
  • and best practices for the development of robust, useful and accessible interfaces.
  • and the subject matter list grows continuously with new topics!

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